Episode 15 – Test Automation Design

We started the episode with conversation about test maintenance, how to manage the tests as code, and how to tag it in order to get high value in the results.

We continue to talk about test suite scoping ,define tests execution based on its target.

next week Eran will speak in the Selenium conference in India, Let us know if you have a specific topics you want Eran to bring back from this event.


Selenium India


Episode 10 – 10 Tips for Better Test Automation

Success metaphor

In the episode we celebrated our 10th podcast with 10 recommended practices to improve your test automation stability:

  • Stable lunch app
  • Popups
  • handle keyboard
  • Test data
  • Application ready state
  • Device ready state
  • One script across different screen sizes
  • working with the rigth object ID
  • Scaling your executions
  • Following best practices


More details:

Eliminating Mobile Test Automation Flakiness and More




Episode 5 – Everything Everyday

Today we have a special guest , Yoram Mizrachi  Perfecto Chief Technology Officer & Founder.

After we reviewed some automation tools in the previous episodes we focused about the tests execution.
Yoram shared with us the concept of everything everyday , how to execute all the tests and what is the value you get from it.

Screen Shot 2018-02-13 at 5.11.55 PM